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  • Above all else, our goal is to build a solid program of highly talented basketball players who are empowered to unlock their maximum potential.  We strive to ensure players in our program succeed both on and off the court within a culture of uncommon sportsmanship.
  • Our coordinators and coaches are all volunteers.  While you may not agree with every decision a coach or director makes, please assume positive intent – as volunteers, we would not be here if we did not have a love for the game and desire to develop aspiring players.  Parents are welcome to contact me at any time with questions or concerns. 
  • Please do NOT come to the gym any more than 10 minutes prior to your start time.
  • Bring a basketball with your name on it and a water bottle.
  • Tryout t-shirts will be provided to everyone
  • Each player will be evaluated for 160 minutes across 2 days by 6 or more coaches, former players or board members on skills, team-work and general attitude.  All evaluators have significant coaching experience, playing experience, or tenure with the Gold Crown program.  Parents are not allowed to evaluate their own children.  
  • Decisions are typically made within 48 hours (excluding weekends) and will be reflected on our website.  However, more time may be required – we request patience and ask you not to reach out unless it has been 4 days since tryouts have concluded and no information is posted. 
  • Players will be issued a jersey with a # on it to use during practice.  Team designations on our website will be made by this number – so don’t forget it!


  • Some coaches may wish to organize teams late summer/early fall, before Gold Crown actually starts, allowing for more time to practice and develop as a team.  Many other schools do this and this should be viewed as an attempt to gain a competitive advantage.  Earlier practices and playing in other leagues are up to individual coaches.  We understand that there are other fall sports, but some coaches hope to have as many basketball players practicing together as soon as possible.  Other leagues will require additional fees.  Your coach will have details. 
  • Each team will have two practice slots per week.  Dates and times are TBD.  Practices for all teams will begin at the end of October and continue until late February. 
  • Most regular season games are Sundays.  You will always play a doubleheader.  Games are in all areas of the Front Range, thus requiring some travel.  Tournament days may vary. 
  • The cost of the league is $425.  This includes Gold Crown fees, facility fees, and the cost for two Gold Crown preseason tournaments (TBD by individual coaches).  This also includes outside professional coaches conducting skill development sessions, appropriate to grade and skill level. 
  • There is a non-refundable $150 commitment fee once players are placed on a team.  Players have 48 hours to commit to a team.  If a player has not committed within 48 hours, that player’s slot will be given to another player.  
  • While we understand that many players are multisport athletes, and that cross training is actually beneficial to many sports, playing Gold Crown basketball is a commitment to your coach and teammates; a commitment we expect to be honored.  If you have another sport that will win out 100% of the time conflicts arise, this is not considered honoring a commitment and will affect playing time.
  • Our program is competitive – while we seek to include as many players as possible, this does not mean that playing time is equal.  Coaches should clearly define expectations of players and what will determine playing time.  Common measurements include skill set, work ethic, teamwork, attendance at practice, and overall attitude.