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Parental/Coach Code of Conduct

Mountain Vista Gold Crown requires that a parent or guardian for each player sign this document.  While many of the ideas encompassed below are common sense and widely practiced, the intent of putting these in writing is to ensure everyone is aware of their roles and responsibilities to help make our youth sports experience more enjoyable and positive.  In addition, this document also outlines the steps that can be taken to address situations where these policies are not upheld in both letter and spirit. 

Responsibilities and Expectations

In order for a program to be truly successful, it takes the cooperation of everyone involved: players, coaches, officials, staff, spectators and especially Parents/Coaches. Parents/Coaches have the following responsibilities and expectations when participating in any athletic event in which Mountain Vista Gold Crown participates.

1. Parents/Coaches have a responsibility to their children.  To make sure that your child gets the most out of his or her playing experience, Parents/Coaches should show unwavering support, including positive reinforcement, of your child’s performance and effort.  This is absolutely essential, especially at an early age, to ensure healthy development.  Parents/Coaches should also seek to be positive role models, including, but not limited to, showing proper sportsmanship at all times and refraining from negativity, especially directed at other teams or officials.

2. Parents/Coaches have a responsibility to each other.  Coaches volunteer their personal time to spend it with your child.  They need you to be supportive of their decisions and not undermine their efforts.  Parents have an expectation of coaches to help their child grow as both a player and person.  Both sides must respect this dynamic.  If disagreements arise, it is acceptable to discuss these – but it is imperative you make certain to do so at the right time/place, in a non-argumentative manner and never not in front of children or during a practice or game.  Our standard protocol is to wait 24 hours to discuss topics between parents and coaches.  Escalations should go directly to the President of the foundation but are still subject to the 24 hour wait period.

3. Parents/Coaches have a responsibility to the officials.  With very, very few exceptions, officials seek to provide a competitive environment that is safe and teaches youth players how to excel within the rules of the game.  It is both a responsibility and expectation that Parents/Coaches and spectators ally themselves with officials to help create this environment.  Outbursts, yelling, swearing or any generally demeaning behavior directed at officials has no place in our program and will be dealt with swiftly and in a manner than ensures no repeat occurrences.

4. Parents/Coaches/Spectators have a responsibility to other Parents/Coaches/Spectators.  While taking pride in your child’s endeavors is a wonderful thing, Parents/Coaches/spectators should never derive personal gain from youth sports. Competition and taunting between Parents/Coaches is never acceptable, and no parent/spectator should ever feel embarrassed or disappointed by their team or child’s performance.  Good plays should always be cheered, and disappointments should always be consoled, no matter whose team it affects.  Cheering for the misfortune of another team/player is completely unacceptable.

5. Parents/Coaches have a responsibility to themselves.  It is your responsibility to watch your child and their teammates participate and learn in a way that enhances the experience. The joy and pride associated with watching children participate in sports should be experienced to the fullest, because a lifetime of memories is being created before your very eyes.  Seek to ensure your actions add to those memories, not detract from them. 

Possible Disciplinary Actions

In order to provide our program with the flexibility to respond to situations which violate the Parental/Coach Code of Conduct, a range of possible actions has been ratified by the board. These actions may be implemented after a case-by-case review of each situation:

Possible disciplinary actions for Parents/Coaches include:

1.       Written or verbal warning.

2.       One game suspension for parent.

3.       Season suspension for parent.

4.       Indefinite suspension for parent and player.

These guidelines are not absolute in dealing with behavioral problems. Severe situations could merit harsher sanctions as a function of their severity.  These will be dealt with on a situational basis.



I, ______________________________________ , represent that I have read and understand the Parental/Coach Code of Conduct.  Further, I commit to upholding these principles, in both letter and spirit, for the upcoming Mountain Vista Gold Crown season.  Finally, I understand that situations where behavior deviates from these principles will be subject to potential disciplinary action as defined above.


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